Yoga Thoughts

I went to yoga class the other morning. I needed a good stretch after the whole day in a downhill mountain bike park. That morning I absolutely had to go because my shoulder/neck area had given me grief with a sharp shooting pain the whole night. Excessive amount of painkillers, a couple of hours ofContinue reading “Yoga Thoughts”

Recognizing the change

Everyone has a certain image of herself/himself. I have an actual picture in my head when I think about myself. And to be honest, I think that this picture has been out of date for awhile, stuck somewhere when I was in college. I am in my late twenties now and just until recently IContinue reading “Recognizing the change”

Who are you, my friend?

When I commute to work every morning, I like to be in silence. I do not listen to music. Sometimes, I listen to NPR. I do not really like podcasts either. However, I was scrolling through the episodes of this podcast on Castbox the other day and one caught my attention – Episode 77:Continue reading “Who are you, my friend?”

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