Yoga Thoughts

I went to yoga class the other morning. I needed a good stretch after the whole day in a downhill mountain bike park. That morning I absolutely had to go because my shoulder/neck area had given me grief with a sharp shooting pain the whole night. Excessive amount of painkillers, a couple of hours ofContinue reading “Yoga Thoughts”

You do you

When I was invited to go on a biking trip and could not make it because I had visitors in town, my friend said: “OK! You do you”. Well…I was expecting to hear something like – “OK, when are you available so that we can make this trip together?”  That response made me upset andContinue reading “You do you”

Dark thoughts, are they though?

Once someone told me a story about a person who was struck by lightning while taking a shower.  The other day I came back from the camping trip and desperately needed to take one but it was storming really bad outside with lightning and thunder. I just had to rinse off, I couldn’t handle theContinue reading “Dark thoughts, are they though?”

Who are you, my friend?

When I commute to work every morning, I like to be in silence. I do not listen to music. Sometimes, I listen to NPR. I do not really like podcasts either. However, I was scrolling through the episodes of this podcast on Castbox the other day and one caught my attention – Episode 77:Continue reading “Who are you, my friend?”

Fear of missing out

Am I choosing the best spot for camping? Am I going on the best flowery hike around? Am I missing out on another trip with other friends? That’s what happened to me when I was planning my recent camping trip. I would spend the whole evening reading reports, scanning FB hiking groups and maps. IContinue reading “Fear of missing out”

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